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Website Content Creation

Potential clients are always asking me how to improve their search engine rankings in google and other search engines. It's true that quality meta, titles, alt tags and link popularity matters but an often overlooked component of quality rankings is content.

Creating content such as articles, guides, blog posts, press releases, videos, etc. builds your visibility in the internet. The more quality content that you produce, the better the chances that your content will be found for keywords centered around your content.

Website Content & Trust Factor

Building good content serves two purposes. Not only will it help you rank higher but it will also improve client acquisition. You want your web site to establish you as a trusted source of information among target audience members. Your potential customers (and your current ones for that matter) want to get to know you who you are. Your web site is the first step in establishing trust and confidence. Quality website content will help sway their opinions of you and will determine whether they make contact.

When you are searching for anything from you will often evaluate and decide which establishment to use by doing a search and looking at their content. A business website that does not have any useful information will often cause you to dismiss that establishment and move on to one you know a little more about.

It is comforting to customers to familiarize themselves with your business or organization before making contact and the more quality information you can provide about how your business works, what they can expect and what the culture of your business atmosphere is the more likely they are to make contact.

Fresh Content Matters

Search engine algorithms take into account whether your website is updated. That means that not only do you need quality content but you should be adding new content in a regular way. That why news areas, faq's and blogs are a popular feature on successful web sites.

The Social Aspect

Creating quality content will help get your web site content shared, tweeted and liked on social media. Search engines now reward websites whose content is shared. If you don't have any content worth sharing you cannot fully capitalize on social media advertising.

Final Thoughts

A quality website is the single most effective type of advertsing your business has. Start off with a quality website made by a web site professional; DIY or low cost websites will cost you more in lost business in the long run. Your work is not done though when your web site is launched. You need to work to build new and unique content or you will be missing out on the full impact your web site can achieve.

We can help you out with building content for your web site and over time you will see your web site rankings rise and you will also probably notice an uptick in potential customers making contact.

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