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In addition to checking your email using webmail using yourdomain.com/webmail (insert your own domain name in place of 'yourdomain') many clients like to add their email address into an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live or a host of other email client options. This can easily be accomplished by logging into your cpanel and finding your email client settings.

1) Login to your hosting control panel

2) Click on email accounts

email client setting 3

3) Find the email address you want the settings for and look to the right of the screen for the more button with the arrow. Click the button.

email client setting 1

4) Select Configure Email Client

email client setting 2

5) Now you will see the settings that you need to configure your email client settings. We have blocked out the actual settings for security purposes. You can set up the email client on your own or provide these settings to your technical support team.

email client setting 4


Please note that authentical is required! If you do not set check the authentication box on your email client it will not work. You can also choose to use your ISP's SMTP settings which may be preferable to some users. Contact your internet service provider for their SMTP settings. You will need to use the listed SMTP settings (not your ISP) for mobile phones.