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Our clients are always asking us, "What Content Do I Need To Provide?" to get started. You may be suprised to know that you don't need to have all your web site content together to start with the design process. We just need a general structure of what you need.

Content that will help us get started includes:

1) Your Logo (if you don't have one we can make a great logo for you!)

2) Your Domain Name Login Information - If you already have a domain name provide us with your domain name login information, if not we will help reserve one for you. One domain name is included at no charge with new web site design projects.

3) Page and Section Names

4) Functionality you want (ie Contact Forms, Image Sliders, Photo Gallery, Events Calendar, Online Store, Donation Form)

5) Business Contact Information

Other Content You Will Eventually Want to Provide Us:

• Photos (Stock Photography Provided Upon Request)
• Hours of Operation
• Page Content

How to Provide Content:

Please provide all content in digital format. This will streamline the process for everybody. We prefer to receive digital content via email so that they’re time-stamped and easy to file and sort.